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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Grateful for Friday night housework

Late Spring cleaning
So it's Saturday. Squee! My first day off in two full weeks. Well, I kind of get a day off, just because I planned it that way.

Friday night saw me cleaning like a demon - clean bathroom, clean kitchen, clean clothes... After attending uni lectures last weekend, followed by a full working week including study in the evenings, I was NOT going to spend my Saturday doing housework. So I did it Friday night instead. And then I collapsed on the lounge with my fave easy dinner and a glass of wine, or two.

This morning I've got a few hours to work on my very last uni assignment (see... I 'kind of' get the day off) and then the weekend begins!

Lunch and an afternoon movie with my homegirls ( aka my former work collegues whom I miss so much!), an evening with the {other} man in my life and Mother's Day coffee dates tomorrow.  That is what weekends are for.

Do you spend Friday nights doing housework, just to get it over with?

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  1. If I was motivated, I would probably do housework on Fridays nights, but alas, most Friday nights see me collapsing in the chair. Good on you for being organised and motivated.

  2. No never!!!!! I always just collapse on a Friday night and do as little as possible, knowing there's such a full day on Saturdays. I am trying to get my teens to do the housework at the weekend. Not working brilliantly well, but still persevering with it.

    You sound so busy!! I am exhausted just reading it... work and study and family... you will so deserve that nice day on Sunday!!

  3. Yes, definitely. Except my 'big day' is Thursdayand I will kill myself all day just so I have an easier day on Friday and the weekend. It's always worth it, I think. Like a reset button. x

  4. I do anything necessary to ensure a day of every now and then, but usually that day off ends up running kids around everywhere :) I love that little window desk in your photo above. What a gorgeous spot to sit and write! xx


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